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Welcome to our description of the TOP PRODUCER® 7i family of REALTOR®  software products. 



 Finally, an inexpensive yet compelling web-site which fully integrates with TOP PRODUCER 7i.  Listings data and photos from TOP PRODUCER 7i merge directly to your web-site. data merges seamlessly.  And, in many cases, local MLS data flows through IDX as well.  Order now by clicking TP 7i subscriptions on the left.  See an example of the new web-site by clicking , but please, place your order here.


[Product Image]      TOP PRODUCER® 7i

See Keller Williams Realty specials on the order form.

TOP PRODUCER® 7i software is Internet based, accessible from most computers nationwide.  Great for virtual assistants as they need not be physically present at your location.   The optional TOP PRODUCER® 7i Remote permits running the program off the Internet, when necessary.  TOP PRODUCER® 7i is more powerful than the older desktop version, but not appropriate for those without high-speed Internet access (either cable, DSL, satellite, or T-1 lines)  at some location.

If you have been looking for a way to organize your practice, maintain contact with your clients, and generate increased business from your current clients, then the TOP PRODUCER® 7i Contact Relationship Management program fits your bill.  This new Internet based, subscription license program gives you the tools to market to your clients, manage the listing and closing process, keep your clients informed while under contract, and maintain a life-long relationship with your sphere of influence.

TOP PRODUCER® software offers the industry's premier combination contact management and marketing tools for the REALTOR®.  It  assists you in marketing to your sphere of influence, delivering CMA's (listing) ,Buyer Presentations, and Home Market Reports to your potential clients,  listing your client's property once under contract, closing the transaction, transferring property statistics and photos from a seller's record to a buyer's record upon settlement, and maintaining a relationship with your sphere of influence forever.

TOP PRODUCER® software offers over five hundred prewritten letters, over five hundred  e-mails, over a dozen postcards, and over two hundred flyers which you may merge with your contact data, either individually or through marketing campaigns.   No longer do you need to spend excessive time customizing your materials to a specific client.  Of course, all your current materials may be moved into TOP PRODUCER® should you desire to supplement the included marketing materials.   Action Plans permit you to automate the process of maintaining a long-term relationship with your sphere, either reminding you to visit, call, print, or e-mail your client. 

Key Benefits

Lead Management - manage leads to insure that you turn additional inquiries into transactions.  Let forms on your web-site automatically generate contact records, and let Lead Plans generate automatic responses to inquiries.

Time And Task
- enhance  the management of your schedule


And Marketing
- use marketing plans to both prospect with potential clients and follow-up with past clients.


Communication Tools
- link both incoming and outgoing e-mails to your clients records, and publish to the web for

                                             e-mail delivery most items which you currently send in hardcopy.

Marketing Links        - provide easy-to-understand hyperlinks to any URL on the web in all your communications.


Financials                  - let TOP PRODUCER 7i keep track of your sales volume and commissions

Listing And Buyer    - increase your client contracts with CMA's, Buyer Presentations, and Home Market Reports  Presentations              which put your MLS generated products to shame.       

Listing And Closing - develop automated listing and closing plans to help you manage your transactions.
                 Develop automated customer web-sites to keep your clients informed.    

                                         Let  the  program help keep track of, and through Customer Web Pages report directly

                                          to your clients, all tasks required to list and close your transactions.

Of course, all TOP PRODUCER Systems, Inc. software comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee, so you can feel comfortable in trying it out.  Additionally, we provide training materials to help get you up and running quickly.

Should you require more information before making your decision, e-mail [email protected]  and ask for links to our Microsoft PowerPoint Demonstration and our Training Clips animation. 


[Product Image]          TOP PRODUCER® 7i REMOTE

Ever been somewhere without an Internet Connection?  Sure you have.  But, did you need to use TOP PRODUCER® 7i, which is Internet based, and find that you had to wait until you could return to that high-speed Internet connection.  No longer.  As an add-on to your subscription, TOP PRODUCER® 7i REMOTE permits you to download your entire database to your machine for those times when you are disconnected from the Internet. 

My sister-in-law's home is too far from the local phone switch to get DSL, and off the current cable distribution net.  But, when we visit, I still need to work.  TOP PRODUCER® 7i REMOTE permits me to work away, then synchronize the data the next time I have access to the Internet.  I can write e-mails, enter new contact records, assign plans, and design flyers to both print and publish.  Then, a short trip to my local Panera Bread (they offer free Internet connectivity) for lunch and synchronization.  Licenses are assigned one per computer on which you desire to apply the product.  (an add-on to the TOP PRODUCER 7i license subscription - not a stand-alone product)

Key Benefits

bulletInstant access to all of your data
bulletWork without an Internet connection

TOP PRODUCER® 7i Assistant Licenses

Agents often hire assistants to perform tasks on their behalf.  An assistant license permits the agent to provide an e-mail account, a calendar, and to divide the workload between the REALTOR and the assistant.   They may simultaneously log into the system and update records, making their changes instantly available to the other user.  Assistant licenses are less expensive than agent licenses.


TOP PRODUCER® 7i for the Palm Handheld


Whether you need to see your calendar, your contact records, or Today's Business, TOP PRODUCER 7i for the Palm Handheld permits you to instantaneously see the last synchronized version of your data.   You may update your data on the Palm and have that information update the online database the next time you synchronize your Palm .  Since the software works on the Palm operating system, it works with most Palm devices, Smartphones such as the Treo 600/650, and some combination PALM O/S - GPS devices, such as the iQue 3600/3200/M devices made by Garmin.  Licenses are assigned one per PDA.  (an add-on to the TOP PRODUCER 7i license subscription - not a stand-alone product)

Key Benefits

bulletInstant access to your data
bulletNo cellular fees to connect
bulletStatic data as of last synchronization, but no online data charges



TOP PRODUCER® 7i SellPhone

TOP PRODUCER® 7i SellPhone permits a web-browser enabled cellular phone to directly connect to a clipped version of TOP PRODUCER® 7i, written to display on the smaller cellular phone screen.  You get real time data which you can browse, and update, as you see fit.  Licenses are assigned one per cellular phone.   (an add-on to the TOP PRODUCER 7i license subscription - not a stand-alone product)

Key Benefits

bulletDynamic data is always up-to-date
bulletNo need to synchronize data
bulletChanges you make are immediately available on your master database




[Product Image] 
Pull your comparable data directly from your MLS with TOP CONNECTOR 7i.

Key Benefits

TOP CONNECTOR 7i serves two primary purposes.  The first is to help you with a unique, customized Listing Presentation,  Buyers Presentation, and Market Report which helps you to stand out from the crowd using MLS designed products.  Templates assist you in developing these presentations, which make their construction both quick and easy.

Additionally, TOP CONNECTOR 7i may also be used to round-out the data already within your database.  Should you have past transactions for which you did not enter property data when you made your MLS entry, you can "pull"  data from past sales within your MLS, so long as it is still within their electronic system.  This record update helps you to market to your past clients using customized data relating to their individual property.  In fact, it works so well, you can also use it to help develop "farm areas" by pulling past transaction data into current "farm addresses".


TOP PRODUCER® 7i Training DVD set.

For those interested in getting approximately 3 hours of training which they can complete at their computer, this new set of two DVDs may be the solution.  While not as thorough as a hands-on training session which lasts fourteen hours, this is a good departure point while you are initially building your system.

TOP PRODUCER® 7i for Dummies (the book)

Yes, I know, not everyone wants to read a book.  But, if you want a quick introduction to TOP PRODUCER 7i, you will find this much more enjoyable than the 600+ User's Guide.  Both screen shots and instructions help you work through the basics quickly and without pain.

[Product Image] HOT MARKETER 2.0 e-mail marketing
Getting your client's attention is often difficult.  This set of 120 Macromedia Flash Animations permits you to convey your message in a unique format.  E-mails are sent to your clients with a hyperlink to the actual presentation.  Takes the work out of offering an alternative to a flat, printed flyer or another boring e-mail to your clients.

There are an additional four packages of twenty-five animations each which may be purchased as add-ons.  For brokers, there is also an additional Brokers' Recruitment package designed to help in enticing REALTORS® to join your team.

The animations may be stored in a File Transfer Protocol sub-directory within a web-site.  You may either use your own web-site as storage space, or subscribe to space from TOP PRODUCER Systems, Inc.

Key Benefits

bulletProfessionally made animations which "WOW" your clients
bulletYou may record your own "voiceover" to convey your verbal message with the animation
bulletMultiple categories of presentations to fit your needs
bulletNo necessity to attach anything to your outgoing e-mail when using hyperlinks
bulletUses data from your TOP PRODUCER 7i database
bulletBackground music may be changed using standard .wav files

For those who desire to "WOW" their potential clients with a unique listing presentation, TOP PRESENTER 2.0 may be your solution.  Choose from 120+ slides, turning them either on or off, and ordering them for your personal presentation sequence using a self-contained editor.  You also have the ability to add slides, whether they contain text only, text and graphics, virtual tours, or personally made .avi files from your digital camcorder. 

Also good for making a self-running presentation to use at such venues as Open Houses.

Alternatively, since you can make your own slides, you could make your own Buyer's Presentation using the same tools.

Key Benefits

bulletPre-made slides
bulletAbility to add, subtract, and order slides for your own presentation
bullet"WOW" your clients with your knowledge of technological tools

About Us

Welcome to SSAMPLS,  your start point in learning how to master maintaining a lifelong relationship with your clients.  As we travel across the U.S., we hope that we might have an opportunity to introduce you to the TOP PRODUCER Systems, Inc. line of software designed to support the real estate industry. 

Our Mission

To assist REALTORS® in enhancing their practice by providing expertly developed hands-on training on TOP PRODUCER Systems software, and offering software tools which are appropriate to their needs.

Company Profile

Since 1998, when we first compared eight software packages for REALTORS, we have been offering both sales of and hands-on training exclusively on the TOP PRODUCER Systems, Inc. line of software.  We have expanded our services across the country offering individuals, brokerages, and Associations/Boards an opportunity to have training expertise provided at their location.

Member of the Real Estate Educators Association.

Starting in 1998, we offered training services in the mid-Atlantic region.  Since 2002 we have been traveling the country offering training on TOP PRODUCER® 7i products to REALTORS® nationwide.  We travel by motor coach with equipment to establish a computer lab at your location.  The satellite dish on the motor coach permits us to process orders, respond to e-mails, and send our free monthly newsletter. 

Our travels thus far have taken us to training sessions in  the following states:

Alabama, Arizona, California, Colorado, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Utah,  Washington, and Wisconsin.

Let us know if you desire for us to stop by your location and provide training services. 

Contact Information

SSAMPLS is an independent agent company, providing authorized sales and training of TOP PRODUCER Systems, Inc. products. 

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SSAMPLS, 410 Travelers Drive, Polk City, FL 33868
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